Dafabet license

Dafabet is a properly licensed bookmaker.

Excluded areas

According to this license issued by the Curacao Gambling Commission, the company that owns it has no right to organize gambling in banned countries. They include the Netherlands, France, Curacao, Australia, and the United States. If you find that the company violates this requirement, you can file a complaint with the regulator. But before you do so, make sure that the operator does not simultaneously operate under other licenses that exclude this violation.

Dafabet have a excluded areas for using.

Waiver of brand ownership

The Curaçao Gambling Commission is not an operator or provider of the services that the licensed company offers to its users. We do not own any trademarks, software or intellectual property, nor do we operate any gambling-related businesses. Therefore, we are not responsible for any actions or violations that may be committed by the operator.

A company licensed by Curacao is obliged to follow the legal regulations and requirements of the countries in which it operates.

Waiver of brand ownership is proceeded at dafabet.

E-game printing verification system

The design of this print system is provided as a service confirming that this gambling entertainment operator operates under a valid license. All text, graphics, and information materials displayed in this system are protected by copyright laws and may not be used by the service provider without the consent of their owner.

All information displayed on this page is the property of the Curacao Gaming Commission. It is forbidden to change or amend the license in any way, to spread false information and mislead users. For such violations, there are penalties up to and including the suspension of the license.

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This page and website display various trademarks and names, some of which are registered as intellectual property. They are all the property of the Curacao Gaming Commission except for the domain of the licensee.

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