Dafabet Contacts

Dafabet bookmaker pays special attention to customer service. This manifests itself not only in the constant improvement of the quality of services provided but also in the support. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact us using one of the existing contacts. For this purpose, you can use several communication channels, available both through the website and some through the mobile app.

You have several ways to contact the Dafabet support team.


Email us and we will review it on a first-come, first-served basis. Dafabet India has several mailing addresses for different categories of questions, but you can use a general address: ensupport@dafabet.com.

This method of communication is suitable for solving any issues, from problems with the game to commercial proposals. If necessary, our specialists will redirect your request to the department that specializes in this topic.

Use email for not urgent questions.

On-Site Chat

A faster way to get in touch. The official Dafabet website has a 24-hour chat room that you can write into to get in touch with support representatives instantly. Just open it, write a message, and soon the first available operator will join the conversation.

And to use this chat room, you don`t have to be registered, you can even ask a question there, actually about the registration itself.

Dafabet online chat works 24/7.

Phone Number

Another good way to contact us if your question is urgent. We have a single phone number in India: 00080-0100-7166

But keep in mind that you may have to pay for the call. It all depends on the tariffs of your mobile operator.

You can also call the Dafabet support team.


We have an official Facebook group. To find out more about us and our news, find it: type DafaAsia in the search bar. Here you can also contact us by sending a message via messenger.

You can contact Dafabet in the Facebook group.